Cryolipolysis: The power of cold to eliminate fat


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Body region: Price per treatment

  • Double chin for one hour 150,00 €
  • Lower abdomen: 200,00 €
  • Upper abdomen: 200,00 €
  • Lower abdomen and upper abdomen: 300,00 €
  • Hips on both sides: 300,00 €
  • Thighs on both sides: 300,00 €
  • Riding pants on both sides: 300,00 €
  • Upper arms on both sides: 300,00 €
  • 6 applications: 600,00 €

Once again, without having seen the treatment area, only indicative prices can be given.

A person may constantly exercise trying to improve their health and appearance. However, this will not be enough to give you a perfect silhouette or that certain accumulations of fat remain on the body.

By observing them, you can believe that the solution to get rid of this fat will be to go through the scalpel. But the solution is much simpler, resorting to cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is a new method that uses cold to remove the fat pads that are so uncomfortable.

This technique can be applied to the thighs, arms, stomach and hips to eliminate persistent fat that does not go away no matter how hard you try. The best thing about this is that it is not necessary to resort to liposuction, instead it is possible to do it with a non-invasive procedure that is very gentle on the body.

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a procedure based on the application of cold, this can reduce fat in the body. It works by placing an applicator in the area to be treated, which will reduce the fatty tissue.

Its shape can vary, either in the form of two plates or as with newer devices, a small cube shape. Fat tissue will be cooled to the point where fat cells will perish or “melt”.

To protect the skin from frostbite, a protective film is used between the skin and the applicator. In addition, a session lasts around 60 minutes, and could cost about 250 euros. Although this depends on the extension of the area to be treated and the region where it will be applied.


In how many weeks can you see the results?

It doesn’t take long to see the results of cryolipolysis. It only takes two weeks, in which you will see how the fat pads are reduced, even if they have remained in the body for years.

Even so, it usually takes two to three months for the effect to be fully visible. It should be noted that this process has an efficiency between 25% and 30% per treatment, something that leaves it at a disadvantage when compared to the 75% efficiency eliminated through liposuction.

However, the lack of wounds and rest from cryolipolysis is what is gained if you dare with it. So it is the preferred method for those who have accumulations of fat.

Does cryolipolysis have side effects?

Yes. Despite its multiple benefits and lack of scars, cryolipolysis leaves some side effects. For example, it causes some pain during and after treatments. The same happens with the sensation of numbness that can last several weeks in the treated areas. Another effect is bruising where cold is applied.

Still, all the side effects are related to the device being used. Over the years these have been improved to try to be more respectful with the body.

Who can apply cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a procedure that should only be applied by professionals in the aesthetic field. Due to its popularity, more and more beauty salons offer it but this is not entirely certain. A professional is the one who will determine the condition of the body, its allergies, medications consumed and all kinds of circumstances that could contraindicate these sessions.

Professionals also have, of course, complete training, being able to suggest other methods according to what is best for patients. Something that those who are not educated in depth on the subject lack.

You may be an ideal candidate, you may not, something very common in men with firm fat tissue, but the professionals will give you objective advice on what is best for the patient’s health.

Not sure and wondering if this treatment is worth paying for? read the cryolipolysis experiences, where both positive and negative experiences are discussed, for example side effects.