Cryolipolysis as a beauty trend

If you are tired of fighting against the fat that refuses to disappear in certain areas of the body, cryolipolysis is a very successful answer in the aesthetic field. This can work in areas dense with fat or in areas of little extension that contain it, such as on the sides of the waist, or on the belly.

How does freezing technology work?

The fat is frozen when it is converted into solids using triglycerides at a temperature of 5 ° C. This using a freezing energy extraction device, which is non-invasive. Only a specific body area should be selected for the procedure.

Once the triglycerides are cooled, they go from liquids to solids, as mentioned, and it is in their solid state that they age and die. For its expulsion, the metabolism is responsible for excreting it, achieving that the fat is gradually reduced.

However, this effect is not immediate. It takes two to three months for the dead fat cells to be expelled through the urine.

Principles of FrioLip’s Frozen Fat Dissolution Technology

When fat cells are turned to solids, this interrupts their cycle. Getting them to age early and therefore need to be eliminated by our body. Therefore, this treatment encourages the metabolism to excrete the material that is eliminated. By doing this, the layer of fat will be thinner and will be noticeable on the outside of the area.

Without problems, without major interventions, and almost in a natural way you will earn a better appearance. This is because for this fat elimination effect it is not necessary to damage the peripheral nerves.

Instead, work with start and stop muscle stimuli. Managing to release the tension of the muscle fibers. The final result will be a much more elastic and firmer skin.

What are the advantages of cryolipolysis?

  1. Without surgical interventions: By using cryolipolysis it is not necessary to invade the body in any way. The skin should not be penetrated, making it a simple process, easy to bear and without risks. It is a procedure that is focused on the comfort of the patient.
  2. It does not need recovery: Unlike what happens with other procedures such as liposuction, cryolipolysis does not require rest or recovery time. Routine activity may be resumed with complete normality after the sessions.
  3. Offers maximum security: The use of advanced systems such as FrioLip, maximizes security. Controlling the best possible refrigeration and achieving that it can be controlled in 0.1 degrees centigrade.
  4. Versatility: The same occurs with the strength of the system, systems such as FrioLip are capable of guaranteeing that the minimum temperature of the treatment is reduced to -15 ° C.
Friolip – Before/After 7
Antes Después
Friolip – Before/After 6
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Friolip – Before/After 5
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For what purposes is cryolipolysis intended?

Cryolipolysis is intended for numerous purposes related to the appearance and health of the skin. However, it is worth knowing what it is indicated for, and what it is not for. Cryolipolysis works to:

  • Eliminate hypertrophy fat.
  • Weaken fat cells.
  • Soften the skin.
  • Improve cellulite.
  • Relax the skin.
  • Strengthen tension and muscle fibers.
Performance Parameters
Energy: 220V
Power: 1500VA
Hot: 20 °C — 42 °C
Freezing: -10 °C — 10 °C
Negative Pressure: 10-83Kpa
Cold light: 570nm 50mw
Coolant: Purified water or professional cooling water.
Specs: 410mm * 397mm * 1000mm
Room temperature: 5 °C — 40 °C
Operator interface: 10.4 ” touch screen