FrioLip and its cryolipolysis technology

FrioLip presents the most innovative cryolipolysis system on the market. One that will amicably and efficiently achieve the best possible results on the patient’s body. In order to say goodbye to fat easily and in a short time.

What does FrioLip offer?

  • Greater efficiency: This new system has the ability to cover a 360 ° surrounding area. Thus reaching all the points of the body that are desired. Without discomfort.
  • Simultaneous work: It also has four handpieces, which will help to work simultaneously. Achieving not only financial savings, but the duration of treatment in general.
  • Powerful cooling system: It will be able to guarantee that the minimum temperature of the treatment is -15 ° C. Becoming a powerful system for this purpose.
  • Maximum precision: It will also show a very precise refrigeration control. With this you will have the greatest possible security. Its temperature can be controlled by 0.1 degree centigrade.
  • Without surgery: No need for surgery, it is a smart and effective method that does not leave marks or wounds.
  • Without rest: You will not need rest times either and you should not stop working as is usually done.

How will freezing technology help me?

FrioLip’s freezing technology works by freezing fat into a solid. By lowering the temperature from this to 5 ° C with the use of a device. It is a non-invasive process and it needs to be applied only in the areas that you want to improve.

This way the fat will be eliminated selectively, in those specific places. Once it is in a solid state, they will die due to aging. The next thing is when they will be excreted from the body, something that the patient’s own metabolism will take care of.

For whom is FrioLip recommended?

Cryolipolysis is intended for those who feel overwhelmed by the fat that refuses to disappear from the body. This fat lodges in places where it is difficult to eliminate it through physical activity.

These may be fat dense areas or very small fat areas. They can be found on the belly, back, or hips. Also in those people who have had dramatic weight loss and their skin is flaccid in certain areas.


  • Improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Improve the tension of muscle fibers.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Soften hard fat.
  • Eliminate fat from hypertrophy.
  • Give a better appearance.