Before and after cryolipolysis


Knowing the experiences with cryolipolysis: before and after photos

Losing weight without exercise or dieting? Lose weight by freezing your fat? Lose weight without invasive procedures like liposuction? All of this is possible thanks to cryolipolysis. Which can be understood in much more depth here.

And what better way to know your results than with before and after photos? These photos may not show bodies as perfect as those featured in fashion magazines or social media, but they are real.

This is what cryolipolysis does, the considerable reduction of fat through cold. In the images you can see how the fat tissue has decreased significantly, although not in a radical or not very credible way.

Can the results improve? Of course it is, cryolipolysis could represent the first steps towards a significant change in appearance. However, this requires establishing an exercise routine and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. The less alcohol is consumed, the better the results will be.

For all this, it is not surprising that clients decide to undergo a procedure as simple as cryolipolysis. Its sessions are simple, you only need to apply a protection against the cold, vacuum fix on the fabric and wait.

During the waiting time, patients can be distracted however they want, either by watching a movie or working. When the allotted time ends, you won’t even have noticed it.

Why in my second session I can’t stand the cold as well as in the first? The reason is that the fat tissue will have already diminished, eliminating some of the “cushioning” that the fat offered. So a recommendation is that before undergoing cryolipolysis eat a balanced diet.

But the best part about the second session is that it actually takes a few minutes to get back into shape. Cryolipolysis does not leave marks or sequelae, much less represents risks.

Once the treatment is finished, it only remains to wait between 6 and 8 weeks to appreciate the results. So this time will be perfect to take care of the body to the maximum and get used to doing more sports, eating healthier and drinking less alcohol. With these three principles, those after photos will be much more flattering.

Before and after photos are required! Do not stop appreciating them in detail to realize how much good cryolipolysis did to your body.